Samsung 7.1kw Cooling/8.1KW Heating Air conditioner, Reverse Cycle Model No.AC071HBHFKH


  • Samsung 7.1kw Cooling/8.1KW Heating
  • Samsung Air conditioner, Reverse Cycle Model No.AC071HBHFKH
  • 3-4 Outlets
  • Return air grille with filter removes household dust
  • low set home in sydney metro
  • outdoor unit mounted on rubber feet
  • energy efficient unit cools or heats the air quietly and is available for the whole house or zoned area
  • round or square outlets which allow you to open and close to can suit your needs.
  • ducted to the rooms of your choice
  • fully programmable 24 hour/7 day timer
  • whisper quiet operation
  • installed by licensed installer with 5 years warranty.

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Additional charges

The requirements for installation may vary depending on the layout, location and structure of your house. As a result, some additional costs may apply.

The most common reasons for additional costs are:

  • Double storey properties
  • Regional locations
  • Non back to back installations
  • Extra piping
  • Poly slab Installation (if not already present)
  • Brackets
  • Electrical work (e.g circuit upgrades)

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